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We Create & Design from our Imagination… Creating Endless Possibilities.

The Tools of The Imagination

Our Imagination is Endless! We go beyond the limits of the mind, deep into the imagination!

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Turn any photo into an amazing beautiful masterpiece to display in the home or office.


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Do what you Love to do in life... Creating is Ours!

At MGWallace Design Studios, we put our heart and soul into every unique design: whether it’s personal or corporate. Our core competencies are Internet-based, photographic and hand illustrated graphics brought to life by the most sophisticated computer design software.

"Unlocking the Tools of The Imagination, you will Create far Beyound Your Dreams and Expectations!"

~ Michael G. Wallace

What Are Your Needs!

Organized in 1995, MGWallace Design Studios began with individual service and we continue in that tradition to this very day. Our clients have a mixture of very specific needs and often vague thoughts of what they would like to see their final product become. We specialize in defining a plan that ultimately will accomplish what they want. We greatly enjoy this part of the process!

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We do what we Love... creating what people dream in their imagination!
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