About Us

We at MGWallace Design Studios put our heart and soul into every unique design: whether it’s personal or corporate. Our core competencies are Internet-based, photographic and hand illustrated graphics brought to life by the most sophisticated computer design software.

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Do you have a vision, a rough idea or an inspirational daydream that you would like to bring to the next level of creativity? We can help with that. From small notions to grand concepts we have experience in developing the next tier of a creative moment.

Your Needs

Organized in 1995, MGWallace Design Studios began with individual service and we continue in that tradition to this very day. Our clients have a mixture of very specific needs and often vague thoughts of what they would like to see their final product become. We specialize in defining a plan that ultimately will accomplish what they want. We greatly enjoy this part of the process!

Our Moto


 “We have a toolbox that includes a vast array of imaginative thinking and we like to employ these tools on every project: big or small”

Music, Literature, Fine Art, Everyday Services or Even a Drawing

Consultations and Conversations about your project are free!