Poetry Site Turns 20

Poetry Site Turns 20

Site Celebrates 20 Consecutive Years at the Same URL

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Last month, August 2016, the poetry web site of poet Den the Pen, marked 20 consecutive years at the same domain. Den the Pen is the nom de plume of poet and musician Dennis Lee Askew.

The web sprang up 25 years ago and 80% of that time has been online at the same domain: 20 consecutive years.

“It’s very humbling,” says the bard, “to know that millions of individual web sites have come and gone and we’ve lasted two straight decades. I don’t know if our constancy is a poetic or historic milestone or if it’s a Guinness World Record,” laughs Den, “but for me, it’s been a privilege.

“I recall the first time my webmaster showed me a heat-map,” he added. “I was amazed to see people visiting our site simultaneously from Ireland, India, Kenya, Sweden and South America and seeing the potential of the Internet was astonishing.”

In 1996, when went online, the state of today’s current technology was in its infancy. On the Internet, which was then called The World Wide Web, AOL was the world’s largest ISP and only 20 million American adults had any kind of access. started with three pages, increased to ten and during the past two decades has advanced to over 180 individual pages. and all of Dens’ sites have always been powered by MGWallace Design Studios at

“ is an entertainment site and we have never had a corporate sponsor(s) or posted any advertising; though that may change someday,” says Michael Wallace, the lead web page manager at the design firm. “It’s hard to believe our character ‘Artie’ has been jumping from page to page consistently for 20 years.

“Sometimes we get a lot of visitors, at other times, not-so-much, but we’ve made our way through thick or thin and we’ve never been offline for no more than an hour or two for server maintenance,” says the manager. is a new site being put together by MGWallace Enterprises.

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